New and updated features.

These release notes give an overview of the changes for Release 2020.14 of the Wavefront service.

Wavefront for Spring Boot

Wavefront for Spring Boot allows you to quickly configure your environment, so Spring Boot components send metrics, histograms, and traces/spans to the Wavefront service. After you’ve completed setup, you can examine the data in preconfigured or custom Wavefront dashboards.

Dashboard Wizard and Chart Builder Support Histogram Option

The dashboard wizard allows you to create a dashboard with one or more charts from data, charts, or integration templates. Going forward, if you select Data, you’re prompted to select metrics or histogram data. Create dashboard from histogram
Chart builder allows you to select metrics or histogram distributions. Histogram option in chart builder

Histogram Heat Map Chart

This release supports a histogram heat map chart.

  • Visualize histograms in three dimensions (time, distribution, and color saturation).
    Color saturation shows density, that is how many values are in this field.
  • Select any field to show a hover legend that displays the full histogram, and it also highlights the field that is currently selected.
histogram heat map

Application Map (Beta)

Get an overview of how the applications and services are linked, focus on a specific service, and view Request, Error, and Duration (RED) metrics for each service and the edges in the application using the new application map. That’s not all, you can view traces for the services and edges and drill down from the application map. application map

Gauge Chart

This release supports gauge charts, which are similar to single stat charts but allow you to show the possible values in an outer ring and customize coloring for that outer ring.
gauge chart

Other Changes

We made several other improvements, some of them in response to customer requests:

Dynamic Variables Support Wildcard Character

The values of a dynamic dashboard variable are determined by a query based on the state of the system at the time the query is executed. For example, that makes it possible for users to select all point tag values or specific point tag values from a dashboard that uses the variable. This release supports wildcards for all dynamic variable options (source, point tag, etc.). Select point tag variable

Change in AWS Integration

The AWS integration now uses the newer CloudWatch GetMetricData API to collect metrics.

Proxy 7.0

We recently release Wavefront Proxy 7.0, which includes a significant number of new features. See Wavefront Proxy Release Notes.