New and updated features.

These release notes give an overview of the changes for the 2021-20.x to 2021-24.x releases of the VMware Aria Operations for Applications (previously known as Tanzu Observability by Wavefront) service.

2021-24.x Release Notes

  • PromQL Improvement: Using global filters (key-value pairs for filtering results) is now supported for charts created with PromQL queries.
  • Accessibility Improvements: We have made a number of keyboard navigation and focus indicator fixes.
  • Documentation Improvements: Reorganized the information about alerts.

2021-23.x Release Notes

2021-22.x Release Notes

  • CSV Export Improvements: Significant improvements to the CSV Export functionality for table charts make it easy to open the exported data in a spreadsheet.

2021-21.x Release Notes

  • OpenTelemetry Exporter: The Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) exporter for OpenTelemetry allows you to send traces to Wavefront and use our comprehensive DT GUI to visualize trace data.
  • PromQL Improvements: We made the following improvements to our PromQL implementation:
    • Regular expression filters in PromQL are now supported.
    • Regular subquery expressions in PromQL are now supported. The earlier limitations have been removed from our PromQL doc page.
  • New Function: We now support a log2() function in addition to the existing log() and log10() functions.
  • Alert API Change: Performing a PUT request with no changes against /api/v2/alert/{id} no longer marks the alert as edited/auto resolved.
  • Search UI Improvements:
    • You can explicitly exclude a keyword or a phrase from the search results by changing the equal sign to a not equal sign (≠). See Searching Wavefront for an example.

    exclude search results

    • When you search, we now show results that contain the current text string, as shown in the following screenshot.

    search has results of full string and results that include the text string, starting with Contains

2021-20.x Release Notes