Monitor overall usage for a given time period.

As a Super Admin user, you’re interested in how ingested data is used, whether you will be billed for more data, and whether you will need to request more data. Billing is based on the amount of data, measured in Points per Second (PPS), which you send to Tanzu Observability by Wavefront. If you exceed your committed rate, you will be charged more.

You can examine the performance of your Wavefront instance using wftop, Wavefront spy, and the Slow Query dashboard.

You can also see how data is used by specific accounts or groups, based on the ingestion policies that you create.

How to Use the Usage Summary Dashboard

You can navigate to the Usage Summary dashboard to get an overview of the ingested and scanned data over a certain month. You can go up to 2 years back in time.

  1. Log in to your Wavefront instance as a Super Admin user.
  2. From the gear icon on the toolbar, select Usage and Subscriptions.

    The Usage Summary tab opens. This tab contains the dashboard with an overview of the ingested and scanned rates.

  3. To choose a specific month, from the Billing Month drop-down menu, select the month you are interested in.

Understand the Data

Here’s an example of how the dashboard may look like.

Example of the Usage Summary dashboard

If you exceed your committed rate for more than 5% of the hours of a given month, you will be billed your overage rate for the number of PPS above your committed rate.

Overview Charts

The Overview section of the dashboard contains the following charts:

Projected Usage for Selected Month Shows the projected usage for the selected month.
Projected Overages for Selected Month Shows the projected overage in PPS for the selected month.
Previous Month to Selected Month Compares the PPS ingestion usage of the selected month with the previous month.
Hourly Usage Shows the hourly PPS. The red line represents the commit level. If the hourly usage exceeds the committed rate with more than 5% for a given month, you will incur overage charges.
Time Above Contract Rate Shows the percentage of time in which you have exceeded your committed rate. If you exceed your committed rate for more than 5% of the hours of a given month, you will be billed your overage rate.
Average Usage for the Last Quarter Shows the average usage for the previous three months out of your total commit level.
Historical Usage (24 Months) Shows your billed usage over the last 2 years.
Top Metrics by Namespace Shows the number of data PPS for all first-level metric names in the system. For example, if you have metrics named cpu.usage, cpu.cores.number,, and, this chart shows the total PPS under the first level metric names, such as cpu and memory.
Top Increasing Metrics Shows the top increasing metrics within a 30-days period of time.

Scan Rate Charts

Typically, you are billed based on your ingestion rate. If your scan rate becomes 20 times the ingestion rate or more, you will be billed based on the scan rate.

The Scan Rate section of the dashboard contains helps you explore scan rates:

Is Billing Based on Scan Rate? Shows whether you are currently billed based on your scan rate.
Scan Rate vs Ingest Rate Shows how many times your scan rate exceeds your ingestion rate.
Ingest Rate vs Scan Rate Compares your ingestion rate with your scan rate.

Learn More!

For more in-depth exploration on the usage of your Wavefront service, see the Wavefront Usage integration-related documentation:

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