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Learn how to display your data and events in charts.

Anomaly Detection Learn how you can detect anomalies with Wavefront
Displaying Event Overlays in Charts Learn how to customize how events display in charts.
Explore Data Tutorial Learn how to use dashboards and charts with sample data.
Chart Reference Chart types and configuration options for each chart type.
Create and Customize Charts Create charts, add and manage queries, and customize the chart.
Charts FAQ Learn chart customization from the experts.
Create, Customize, and Optimize Dashboards Create dashboards, add charts, customize dashboard layout, and troubleshoot dashboards.
Examine Data with Dashboards and Charts Examine data with dashboards and charts
Share Dashboards and Charts Share links to dashboards and charts, give dashboard access, and create embedded charts.
What's New in v2 Dashboards & Charts Main improvements in the v2 UI and some FAQs.
Examine and Visualize Histograms Learn how to visualize histograms.