New and updated features.

These release notes give an overview of the changes for Release 2020.22 of the Wavefront service.

Alert Viewer

Starting with this release, newly created alert notifications include a link to the new Alert Viewer. Existing notifications continue to link to the Alert chart, but you can edit those notifications to also (or exclusively) link to the Alert Viewer.

From the Alert Viewer, you can view related alerts, drill down to responsible point tags, see past firings of the same alert, and more. Let us know what you think!

Pie Chart

The new pie chart lets you visualize data as pie slices or a donut. You can customize different aspects of this chart, for example, add a filter (Min, Max) or specify the maximum number of slices. The collage on the right shows both a pie chart and a donut chart for the same data. Pie chart and donut chart

Enhanced and New Query Language Functions

This release includes enhancements to the following existing functions:

  • The round function now supports rounding to a specified multiple.
  • The hw predictive function now supports double exponential smoothing. It continues to support triple exponential smoothing as before.
  • The following standard time functions now support an optional second parameter (<tsExpression>):
    • day()
    • month()
    • year()
    • weekday()
    • hour()
    • isToday()
    • dayOfYear()

This release includes the following new functions:

Tracing UI Improvements

Easily analyze your traces hierarchy and RED metrics by clicking the expand or restore icon.

  • Click the expand icon to expand the RED metrics and view them next to the trace list and click the same icon again to restore to the default view. partial expand red metrics
  • Click the expand icon to expand the trace hierarchy and view them next to the trace list and click the same icon again to restore to the default view. partial expand trace hierachy

Log Integration

Troubleshoot anomalies on your metrics charts and drill down to view the logs that caused the issues. See Access and Examine External Logs for details.

log integration and external links

Concurrent Query Limits

Wavefront enforces a limit on concurrent queries for each customer cluster. See Concurrent Query Limits for details and error messages.

Other Changes

We made several other improvements, some of them in response to customer requests:

Multi-Threshold Alerts Support Newline Character

For customers who use newline characters in alert conditions for better legibility, we now allow newline characters.

Export PDF Option

An Export PDF option is now available from any v2 dashboard and from charts in Edit mode.

For any chart, Export PDF is now available from the ellipsis menu in the top right. Export PDF from dashboard
Click on the chart name and select the Export PDF icon in the top right. Export PDF from chart

Proxy 8.x

Wavefront Proxy 8.x supports incoming HTTPS connections and includes other miscellaneous improvement. See Wavefront Proxy Release Notes.

Queries for All Data

To improve performance, we no longer allow queries for all data, that is, you can’t query ts(*). Include at least one filter in any query.