Learn how integration authentication happens, which integrations work with VMware Cloud services access tokens and which integrations still work with Tanzu Observability API tokens.

Subscription Types

Starting July 3, 2023, VMware Tanzu Observability (formerly known as VMware Aria Operations for Applications) is a service on the VMware Cloud services platform. After this date, we support two types of subscriptions: Tanzu Observability subscriptions onboarded to the VMware Cloud services platform and original subscriptions. Original subscriptions are the existing ones and they remain as is until onboarded to VMware Cloud services.

For best performance, when you set up most of our integrations, it is recommended to use the Wavefront proxy. The Wavefront proxy ingests metrics and forwards them to Tanzu Observability in a secure, fast, and reliable manner.

VMware Cloud Services Subscriptions

When your Tanzu Observability service is onboarded to the VMware Cloud services platform you have the following choices for the Wavefront proxy authentication:

VMware Cloud Services Access Token

The Wavefront proxy requires a VMware Cloud services access token with the Proxies service role. There are two options for the proxy to retrieve an access token. You can configure the Wavefront proxy to use:

  • OAuth App authentication (recommended):

    You must use the credentials (client ID and client secret) of an existing server to server OAuth app which has the Proxies service role assigned and is added to the VMware Cloud organization running the service. You must also provide the long ID of the VMware Cloud organization running the service.

    If you don’t have a server to server app already, you can create one in the VMware Cloud Services Console. For details, see How to use OAuth 2.0 for server to server apps in the VMware Cloud services documentation. You can also try out the Windows host integration tutorial.

    When the access token expires, depending on the token TTL configuration of the server to server app, the Wavefront proxy automatically retrieves a new access token.

  • API Token authentication:

    The API token must be generated in the VMware Cloud Services Console by an active user account. It also must have the Proxies service role assigned. For more information, see How do I generate API tokens.

    You might need to regenerate and reconfigure the API token periodically depending on the TTL configuration.

Tanzu Observability API token

For a limited number of integrations, you must still use a Tanzu Observability API token, associated with a service account that has the Proxies permission. As a user with the Admin service role, you can create a service account with the Proxies permission and generate an API token for it. Then, you can install the Wavefront proxy and set up your integration to pass the API token of the service account.

To understand how you can manage the API tokens for service accounts, see Managing the Tanzu Observability API Tokens for a Service Account.

Original Subscriptions

When your Tanzu Observability service instance is not onboarded to VMware Cloud services, the proxy requires a Tanzu Observability API token.

Before you add a proxy, you must have an API token associated with your user account or a service account with the Proxies permission. See Manage API Tokens for details.

Integrations That Use VMware Cloud Services Access Tokens

We’re in the process of incrementally updating our integrations so that you can authenticate with a VMware Cloud services API token or OAuth server to server app credentials.

When your Tanzu Observability service is onboarded to the VMware Cloud services platform, the list of the integrations that are updated as of today is in the table below. This list grows with each release. If you urgently need an integration to become available and configurable with a VMware Cloud services access token, please contact technical support.

IntegrationLink to Doc Page
Chef Server Chef Server
Micrometer Micrometer
Tanzu Application Service Tanzu Application Service Integration
Kubernetes Kubernetes Integration
Linux Host Linux Host Integration
Suse Linux Host Suse Linux Host Integration
Oracle Linux Host Oracle Linux Host Integration
Fedora Linux Host Fedora Linux Host Integration
Amazon Linux AMI Host Amazon Linux AMI Host Integration
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Host Red Hat Enterprise Linux Host Integration
Ubuntu Host Ubuntu Host Integration
Debian Host Debian Host Integration
CentOS Host CentOS Host Integration
Mac Host Mac Host Integration
Windows Host Windows Host Integration
NetBSD Host NetBSD Host Integration
VMware vSphere VMware vSphere Integration
StatsD StatsD Integration
Prometheus Prometheus Integration
OpenTelemetry OpenTelemetry Integration
SNMP SNMP Integration
Apache ActiveMQ Apache ActiveMQ Integration
Apache HTTP Apache HTTP Integration
Apache HTTP Apache HTTP Integration
Apache Hadoop HDFS Apache Hadoop HDFS Integration
Apache Hadoop MapReduce Apache Hadoop MapReduce Integration
Apache Hadoop YARN Apache Hadoop YARN Integration
Apache Impala Apache Impala Integration
Apache Kudu Apache Kudu Integration
Apache Mesos Apache Mesos Integration
Apache Solr Apache Solr Integration
Apache Spark Apache Spark Integration
Apache Tomcat Apache Tomcat Integration
Atlassian Bitbucket Atlassian Bitbucket Integration
Cassandra Cassandra Integration
Catchpoint Catchpoint Integration
Ceph Ceph Integration
Chef Chef Integration
Concourse CI Integration Concourse CI Integration
Consul Consul Integration
Convox Convox Integration
Couchbase Couchbase Integration
CouchDB CouchDB Integration
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch Integration
Envoy Proxy Envoy Proxy Integration
etcd KV store etcd KV store Integration
FoundationDB FoundationDB Integration
Fluentd Fluentd Integration
Github Github Integration
GitLab GitLab Integration
VMware Tanzu Greenplum VMware Tanzu Greenplum Integration
HAProxy HAProxy Integration
Java Java Integration
JBoss AS JBoss AS Integration
Jenkins Jenkins Integration
JMX JMX Integration
Kafka Kafka Integration
Kong Kong Integration
Lighttpd Lighttpd Integration
Marathon Marathon Integration
Memcached Memcached Integration
MongoDB MongoDB Integration
MySQL MySQL Integration
Nagios Nagios Integration
NGINX NGINX Integration
NGINX Plus NGINX Plus Integration
Oracle RDBMS Oracle RDBMS Integration
Papertrail Papertrail Integration
PHP-FPM PHP-FPM Integration
Pingdom Pingdom Integration
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Integration
Puppet Server Puppet Server Integration
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ Integration
Redis Redis Integration
Riak KV Store Riak KV Store Integration
Rollbar Rollbar Integration
Runscope Runscope Integration
Twemproxy Twemproxy Integration
Varnish Cache Varnish Cache Integration
Hashicorp Vault Hashicorp Vault Integration
Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle WebLogic Server Integration
IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM WebSphere Application Server Integration
ZooKeeper ZooKeeper Integration
Active Directory Active Directory Integration
Cernan Cernan Integration
Docker with cAdvisor Docker with cAdvisor Integration
.NET .NET Integration
Filebeat Log Data Filebeat Log Data Integration
Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V Integration
IIS IIS Integration
Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange Integration
OpenTSDB OpenTSDB Integration
SharePoint SharePoint Integration
Splunk Splunk Integration
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Integration
Uptime Uptime Integration
Windows Performance Counters Windows Performance Counters Integration
Windows Service Windows Service Integration
Zabbix Zabbix Integration
Zipkin Zipkin Integration
Velero Velero Integration

Integrations That Use Tanzu Observability API Tokens

Here’s the list of the integrations that still use API tokens. Currently, if your service is onboarded to VMware Cloud services, direct ingestion by using the Wavefront Output Plugin for Telegraf is supported only when you use a service account.

List of Unaffected Integrations

The following integrations do not depend on the subscription type and work as expected, no matter whether your Tanzu Observability service is onboarded to VMware Cloud services platform or not.

Cloud Integrations

Notification Integrations

Other Integrations