You can use different CLIs with Tanzu Observability (formerly known as VMware Aria Operations for Applications).

The Tanzu Observability REST API is publicly available via Swagger. You can use Swagger to generate an API client that includes CLI options. Several of our customers have generated CLIs already.

External CLIs for the REST API

Several Tanzu Observability customers have generated CLIs from our REST API and made them available on GitHub.

  • Robert Fisher of Sysdef Ltd. created a Ruby CLI and gives installation instructions, examples, and more in this post. This blog post has details.
  • Tanzu Observability customer Box open-sourced wavectl, their automation tooling for Tanzu Observability. This command-line client for Tanzu Observability is inspired by kubectl and git command line tools. This blog post discusses that CLI and includes links to the extensive doc and examples.