Learn about AWS Lambda and Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.

The AWS Lambda Functions integration includes:

  • Setup instructions
  • Information about standard metrics that the integration includes
  • Links to instructions for collecting custom business metrics

On this page, we give some background and details not available on the integration page.

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront and AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is ideal for situations when you want to run a function in response to an event. Use cases include generating thumbnails whenever users upload images to a website or similar scenarios. You define the function in one of the languages that AWS Lambda supports, and the function runs whenever a triggering event occurs. This model is called Function-as-a-Service or serverless.

While it’s convenient to stop worrying about function execution, you might want to monitor the function. We offer these choices to monitor your AWS Lambda function:

How to Use Tanzu Observability to Monitor AWS Lambda

To support monitoring serverless environments, Tanzu Observability includes a metric type called delta counter. With delta counters, Tanzu Observability points are aggregated to the minute bucket. That avoids point collisions.

The AWS Lambda Function integration and the SDKs listed above make it easy to collect standard metrics and custom metrics.

Use CaseDescription
AWS Lambda standard metrics We collect AWS Lambda standard metrics for you. You can see these metrics in the integration’s dashboard, and use them in queries and alerts.  Some metrics are counters, others are delta counters.
AWS Lambda custom business metrics The AWS Lambda Functions integration includes pointers to instructions for using Python, Go, or Node.js to retrieve business metrics for your Lambda function.