We offer a free trial of the VMware Tanzu Observability service where you can explore all of the service capabilities.

You can start a 30-day free trial of the VMware Tanzu Observability (formerly known as VMware Aria Operations for Applications) service from the VMware Cloud Services Console.

Tanzu Observability and VMware Cloud Services

Starting July 3, 2023, Tanzu Observability is a service in the VMware Cloud services platform.

Starting September 20, 2023, all new trial instances of Tanzu Observability are onboarded to VMware Cloud services.

VMware Cloud services provides provides single sign-on (SSO) and identity access management (IAM) to your entire VMware Cloud services portfolio across hybrid and native public clouds, including Tanzu Observability. See Getting Started with Tanzu Observability on VMware Cloud Services for details.

Start Your Free Trial

  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services Console with your VMware account.

  2. From the navigation bar on the left, click Services.
  3. Click the All tab and search for Tanzu Observability.
  4. In the Tanzu Observability tile, click Access.

    You are redirected to the Tanzu Observability marketing website.

  5. Click Start Free Trial, enter your contact information and company details, review the Terms of Service, and click Sign Up Now.

    You are redirected back to the VMware Cloud Services Console.

  6. Select a VMware Cloud organization or create a new one.

    To create an organization:

    1. Click Create New Organization.
    2. Enter an organization name.
    3. Enter the address for your organization or choose and existing one if you have already added an address for your account.
    4. Enter the payment details information.
    5. Review the Cloud Services Terms of Service and select the check box to agree.

    Initially, you are the only user who belongs to the newly created organization. You have the Organization Owner role for that organization.

  7. Click Continue.

    You are redirected to the Tanzu Observability GUI. You are logged with your VMware account.

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