New and changed integrations.

VMware Tanzu Observability (formerly known as VMware Aria Operations for Applications) continuously adds new integrations to the existing set, and improves available integrations. We update our complete list of all integrations each time we add new integrations.


Starting July 3, 2023, Tanzu Observability is a service on the VMware Cloud services platform. After this date, we support two types of subscriptions: Tanzu Observability subscriptions onboarded to the VMware Cloud services platform and original subscriptions. Original subscriptions are the existing ones and they remain as is until onboarded to VMware Cloud services. We are in the process of incrementally onboarding all original subscriptions to VMware Cloud services.

For details about the two subscription types and how they differ, see Subscription Types.

If your Tanzu Observability service is onboarded to VMware Cloud services, most of the integrations authenticate with VMware Cloud services access tokens. Only a limited list of integrations still authenticate with Tanzu Observability API tokens. For details, see How Integration Authentication Works.

During the process of onboarding an original Tanzu Observability service to VMware Cloud services, all of the existing integrations are preserved and continue to operate using Tanzu Observability API tokens. You should incrementally switch to integration authentication with the more secure VMware Cloud services access tokens. See What Happens with the Integrations?.

January 2024

We improved the following integration in January 2024:

  • Amazon Web Services - You can now disable the ingestion of support service limit metrics (also known as service quotas), that is, the metrics with the namespace aws.limits.*. To do so, when you register or edit your AWS Metrics+ integration, deselect the Service Limit Metrics check box.

All 2019 - 2023 Integrations Release Notes

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